Over Four Decades of Experience

In 1981, Denis P. Kelleher, former President of Ruane Cunniff & Co. and Vice President & Treasurer of the Sequoia Fund, founded Wall Street Clearing Company, which specializes in wholesale execution and clearing of securities transactions. In 1990, the clearing business of Wall Street Clearing Co. is acquired by Alex Brown and Sons and later acquired by Deutsche Bank. Wall Street Investor Services is formed to develop mutual fund marketing programs for banks and provides discount brokerage, retirement planning and professional money management services for investors.

KFA, now managed by the next generation of the family, has since grown into a full-service money management firm. The past name change for the firm from Wall Street Access Asset Management to Kelleher Financial Advisors reflects the family’s ongoing commitment to these ideals. The firm remains family and employee owned. We have offices in New York City and Portland, ME.