Flexible and Supported

The KFA business model is built to support individual advisors or teams of advisors. Building on 25 years of success, we understand the challenges of running an advisory business and provide a custom, flexible solution. Our model allows for multiple paths to grow and expand your practice – from becoming a part of the KFA brand, to retaining your own brand name and presence while still leveraging our suite of support services (both client facing and back office).

Cast a Wider Net

By partnering with KFA, you’re able to expand the geographic footprint of your business. We have office locations in New York, Maine, New Jersey, and Long Island.

Leverage our Team and Resources

The value of being a part of the KFA platform is that you can have access to a wide and deep set of offerings that are challenging to replicate as a smaller firm. From competitive compensation packages, to a centralized investment committee, to an advisory board, to in-house back office and compliance support, you and your team can now access a multi-generational suite of expertise.

The KFA platform means access to the following:

Customer Services:
– Private banking services
– Insurance planning services
– Alternative investment opportunities
– Full financial planning services

– Family governance

Infrastructure Support:
– Operations
– Compliance
– Finance Systems
– Legal
– Business Administration

Backoffice support:
– Marketing consultant
– Compliance director
– Client service support

Flexible Compensation Packages:
– Earn out deals for retiring advisors
– Can support commission revenues through broker / dealer affiliate
– W-2
– 1099

Multiple Custodian Partners:
– Pershing
– Charles Schwab
– Fidelity

– Competitive and fair joint venture agreements
– Opportunity for equity participation

Our team would love to discuss how the KFA brand can support your organization’s future business goals.